Empowering Kids and Parents with Coping Skills to Thrive

Connect and Grow Resilience with Your Child

Mindfulness and self-compassion can help kids (and you) to love and be there for themselves during difficult moments. It can help you and your children connect with values and be the best version of yourselves. Give your child and yourself the resilience-boosting gifts of mindfulness and self-compassion.

What is Self-Compassion
for Children?

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About Jamie Lynn

I’m Jamie Lynn Tatera, creator of the Self-Compassion for Children and Caregivers (SCCC) program. I used to be an elementary school teacher, but after I had my first daughter, I began to focus on sharing wellness skills with parents and educators.  Amidst unique parenting challenges, I discovered self-compassion, and my life was transformed. A decade later, I’m a certified mindful self-compassion teacher who empowers children, educators and families across the globe to comfort themselves during their difficult moments and motivate themselves with kindness.

“Self-compassion is an inner resource that nourishes and strengthens us throughout our lives.  Fortunately, self-compassion can also be learned, and the sooner the better.  The Self-Compassion for Children and Caregivers program is a brilliant adaptation of the MSC program that captures the essence of self-compassion for kids and their caregivers.  I’m so grateful to Jamie Lynn Tatera for seeing the need and meeting it in a manner that is both profound and delightful.”-Christopher Germer, PhD, Co-Developer of the Mindful Self-Compassion program

Upcoming Classes

Parent-Child Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Class

Thursdays, beginning September 19

Six-week live-online Parent-Child Self-Compassion class taught by Jamie Lynn Tatera.

Fierce Self-Compassion Course

8 Mondays, beginning September 16, 2024

Self-compassion course designed to help you protect, provide for, and motivate yourself with kindness. Learn to balance tender acceptance with strong action.


Live-Online Mindful Self-Compassion Course

Wednesdays, beginning September 18

10-week Live-Online Mindful Self-Compassion course taught by Jamie Lynn Tatera.

Self-Compassion for Children and Caregivers (SCCC) Teacher Training

Beginning January, 2025

Combo live-online and asynchronous online teacher training for individuals who would like to teach the SCCC program in an educational, clinical, or community setting. Prerequisite classes begin Summer 2024.

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