Train to Teach

Do you have a passion for sharing self-compassion with children? If so, your big and beautiful heart has come to the right place!

Experienced child self-compassion teacher and teacher trainer, Jamie Lynn Tatera, has created two powerful programs that can assist you in effectively sharing self-compassion with children. You can choose the teacher training program that is right for you. 

Resilience and Self-Compassion in the Classroom equips classroom teachers with engaging mini-lessons and related resources for sharing self-compassion with their students.

Jamie Lynn’s fun and engaging Self-Compassion for Children and Caregivers (SCCC) program is an official parent-child adaptation of the adult Mindful Self-Compassion training.The Self-Compassion for Children and Caregivers teacher training program  provides comprehensive training for individuals who would like to teach the full six-week Self-Compassion for Children and Caregivers program (and also includes the self-compassion for kids mini-lessons).

Resilience and
Self-Compassion in the Classroom

Are you a classroom teacher who would like to share self-compassion with your students?  Resilience and Self-Compassion in the Classroom will provide you with engaging self-compassion for kids mini-lessons and related training that will enable you to teach self-compassion to your students.

Train to Teach

Would you like to teach the Self-Compassion for Children and Caregivers (SCCC) 6-week program? This comprehensive teacher training will provide you with the knowledge, experience and skills to teach the fun and effective SCCC program to children and their caregivers.

“This training has gone beyond just content for me; it is a true spiritual preparation for the teacher. I think it would be helpful for any educator or professional working with children and families — not only to serve students and clients, but also to fortify personal relationships. It has changed the way I view the world!”  -Caroline Robbins, Educator


“Self-Compassion for Children and Caregivers (SCCC) is an exquisite adaptation of the empirically-supported Mindful Self-Compassion program that somehow manages to preserve the essence of MSC and still make it entirely accessible and engaging for a much younger audience and their parents. Skillfully constructed, thoroughly tested and thoughtfully presented, the SCCC program will make a big impact in the world in kids and parents who need it most.” -Steve Hickman, Executive Director of the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion