Partners & Testimonials

“The SCCC program is a powerful way to help kids learn how to be kind to themselves. It takes the core of the Mindful Self-compassion for adults and transforms it into something that is fun and accessible to children and their caregivers. I’d highly recommend SCCC for anyone who wants their child to grow up with skills of emotional resilience and self-acceptance.” Kristin Neff, PhD, Co-developer of the Mindful Self-Compassion Program

Testimonials from Self-Compassion Class Participants

“I just want to say that I’m really appreciative of these classes. I feel like my son and I are learning so much from it. It’s giving me more patience and a gentler approach with my kids. Thank you so much, Jamie!” -Parent-Child Self-Compassion class (SCCC) participant

“This class is great and helped me feel accepted and accept myself.” -Sofia, age 10

“I loved how the self-compassion concepts were presented in a form for children and families to comprehend.  Having my children understand and accept that all emotions belong and should be treated with kindness, and the same kindness that we would extend to friends should be provided to ourselves is perhaps the most wonderful gift that I could give my children.” -Parent-Child Self-Compassion (SCCC) class participant

“We loved the practical exercises and just dedicated time together to talk about our feelings and cultivate self-compassion. It was so healing to discuss all these things and add to our vocabulary around feelings. We will definitely use all of this! I am very grateful to have been part of this class. My son very much looked forward to these sessions.” -Parent-Child Self-Compassion (SCCC) participant

“Before class I felt like I didn’t want to do it, but after class I felt really nice and relaxed and happy that I did it.” -Anjali, age 9

“Jamie Lynn’s class was very helpful to me because I learned a lot about mindfulness.  For example, I learned how to talk about my emotions in a nice way.  I learned things I could do instead of screaming at people.  My favorite thing I learned was 8 shakes.  It taught me how to shake away my anger.”  -Josie, Parent-Child Self-Compassion (SCCC) participant

“The Parent-Child class helped my daughter and me bond in having a shared experience of working together on something so soothing and important to us.  We can help each other remember the different strategies and work through difficult emotions together.  It is just as much for parents as it is for kids!!”  -Jennifer Twente, Pediatrician and Parent

“My daughter and I really looked forward to our time every week with Jamie Lynn.  She has such a calming presence and was able to facilitate discussions between my daughter and I that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.  Jamie Lynn introduced many very practical strategies to help my daughter and I deal with the stress of life.  I feel as if I understand better how to help my daughter get what she needs in order to be happy.” -Beth A., Whitefish Bay

“Jamie Lynn playfully teaches simple yet profound truths on how to be present with your emotions, befriend them and ultimately let them go. She generously equips you with many tools that you can apply in your daily life and immediately feel the positive effects.”  -Michaela F., Glendale, WI

“Taking the mindful self-compassion class for teens with my daughter was a powerful experience for me.  It was an opportunity to give the priceless gift to my daughter, while at the same time being able to further that compassion within myself.”  -Mary N., West Bend

“Your class was a lovely time for my daughter and I to learn about self-compassion.  I am grateful that we get to have these skills while she navigates adolescence.”  -Katy (Parent-Teen MSC-T participant)

“I took this class with my son, but I see how it is benefiting our whole family.  When my son and I practice being more compassionate to ourselves, we model these behaviors and can recommend them to the rest of our family.  I think we will continue to use these techniques for years to come!” -Laura H., Parent

“The self-compassion class was good because it helped me to be more kind and calm toward myself.” -Amanda N., age 13, Parent-Teen MSC-T participant

“Now when i make a mistake, I am able to remember that everyone makes mistakes.” -Eli H., age 12, Parent-Teen MSC-T participant

“I just wanted to send our gratitude for your skilled and compassionate leadership of this course. We appreciated how the course is organized—each session with a new theme, set of tools, meditation and discussion. You are a gifted teacher, guiding each of us gently through the course and maintaining a welcoming group environment! Lana and I both learned so much and will continue to discuss all of the concepts and tools from the course. “ -Sharon, Parent-Teen MSC-T participant

“My son was mad this evening because his sister would not share her toy.  He went in his room and closed the door which is unusual. I asked if I could come in after 15 min or so.  I asked how he was doing. ‘Mad!’ And I asked what he wanted to do about it and he said, in a calmer voice, ‘Well, I did do self compassion.’ ‘Nice!!!’ I said,  ‘That’s great. What did you do?’ My son told me that he thought about how other people also have sisters who make them mad, that he acknowledged this was difficult and he felt his feet. Wow! Then I asked if doing those things changed how he felt.  At first he seemed like he was going to say no but I watched him think about it.  Then he said, ‘Yes, it did help.’  Thank you, Jamie Lynn, for this class.” -Parent-Teen self-compassion class graduates

“The class helped my relationship with my mom and brother.” -M.B., Grade 6

“I came into the course wanting to learn more self-compassion skills. Not only have I achieved this, I also learnt more about myself – how prone to shame I was and how practicing self-compassion is an antidote to shame. Jamie was a wonderful teacher, who showed everyone much compassion. Although the online classes were scheduled way before my wake-up take, I was ready to jump out of bed when the alarm sounded because I looked forward to attending class. I would recommend all my friends and family members to attend MSC training.” -MSC participant

“Mindful Self-Compassion has brought a peace into my chaotic life. It has changed my self-talk and created a sustainable mindfulness in my every day. I loved the course and recommend it to anyone.” -MSC participant

“This course was helpful for me and for me as a caregiver to my daughter. I learned a lot that I’m using with her on a daily basis.” -Mindful Self-Compassion participant

“Jamie Lynn is an amazingly skillful teacher, clearly with much experience.  She seems to have been born conveying the kindness, compassion, gentleness and humor that she brings to the class.” -Claudia Lipusch, Milwaukee, WI

“Jamie Lynn is brilliant, skillful and real. Her class will create a mindshift and you will never be the same.” -Amy Lovell, President of REDgen, Mindful Self-Compassion class participant

“Thank you so much for teaching this class, it opened up new doors for me :)”  -Shana, MSC participant

“The MSC class has made a significant difference in my ability to handle and work through a very difficult transition period in life, learning and practicing skills to be more aware and compassionate regarding the challenges we all face.  This has really helped me start changing my inner voice from a harsh critic towards a supportive friend.  The focus on our common humanity and shared experiences has been integral in this as well.  Thank you for this wonderful experience!  The teacher of our class, Jamie Lynn, was kind, compassionate, and supporting.  She did an excellent job encouraging the class to share to whatever extent we were each willing in any given moment, while also creating the safety of knowing that we never had to share if we did not feel like it.  She related personal stories and experiences from her practice and teaching.  She did a wonderful job!” -MSC participant

“I wish everyone had the opportunity to immerse themselves in such a compassionate and supportive experience.” -MSC participant

“I have learned much from Jamie Lynn’s Mindfulness and Self Compassion classes. She shares her wisdom and knowledge freely, and creates a space for learning that is comforting and safe. I have learned to become aware and experience my own feelings from within and that has been a powerful lesson for me. Through the lessons learned from Jamie, I am continuing the process of knowing how to be still and listen to my heart and body, and to cultivate a sense of compassion for myself.” -Kerry H., Shorewood, WI

“Jamie Lynn has an extremely calming and compassionate way about her which resonates through the class. She has obviously done her homework with her own practice and was mindful of each individual participant’s needs. I would absolutely take another class that she teaches.” -MSC participant

“The class feels like kindness.” -E.B., Whitefish Bay

“The class helped me to open the door to my inner self. And no matter what I found there, I faced it with a gentle and loving approach. ” -Miska, Self-Compassion class participant

“Jamie Lynn is a great teacher.  She is kind, compassionate and open-hearted, and has fully integrated the concepts.” -MSC participant

“It was a lovely experience. Very grateful. Thank you.” -MSC participant

“I wanted you to know that you have added value to my life this year. Your teachings on the Mindful Self Compassion Course and the Path to Resilience course have led to a deepening in my ability to be self-compassionate. I am able to connect to and identify my emotions more readily now and I feel that this will continue to deepen as I continue to work with the tools that you shared with us. I have appreciated being supported by you and learning from you very much.”  -Lisa A

“Jamie Lynn taught me the life changing art of working with my difficult feelings and having compassion for myself.” – Chitra S., writer 

“I have taken 2 Mindfulness & Self-Compassion courses and a Mindful Parenting class with Jamie Lynn (so far) and my only wish is that I had met her sooner! Working with Jamie Lynn, I have learned to be more present and connected in my daily life and interactions with my family and I have gained tools to help me feel more emotionally grounded and balanced. Jamie Lynn’s warmth, openness, empathy and personal experiences make her an effective mindfulness coach.” -Melissa S., Shorewood, WI