Informal Parent-Child Videos

Parent-Child Self-Compassion Practice: How Would You Treat a Friend? This parent-child practice can help you and your child explore what it means to be self-compassionate.

Parent-Child Self-Compassion Break: This parent-child video uses the three parts of self-compassion in a “self-compassion break.” This practice can be used in daily life when you’re having a difficult moment

Parent-Child Fun Movement and Stretching: Enjoy these two playful stretching practices with your child. Playful stretching is a great way to practice kindness and self-compassion in daily life.

Parent-Child Partner Yoga: Have fun practicing yoga and self-compassion together in this 30 minute parent-child partner yoga class!

Informal Parent-Teen Videos

Parent-Teen Fierce Self-Compassion Break: Fierce self-compassion can help us to motivate ourselves with kindness. You and your teen can try this fierce self-compassion break to help motivate yourselves to take a positive action.

Parent-Teen Self-Compassion Break (tender): Join Jamie Lynn as she guides a parent-teen pair through a tender self-compassion break. You and your teen can use this practice in daily life when you’re stressed

Parent-Teen Self-Compassion Practice: How would you treat a friend? You and your teen can join Jamie Lynn as she guides a parent-teen pair through a practice that highlights the essence of self-compassion: treat yourself as you would treat a good friend.